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Keylogger Software
Key logger spy tool
Expose the truth by secretly viewing everything they do on the PC when you are away
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PC Data Manager (One Keylogger Software that provides everything from PC monitoring to know any suspicious activities of your Spouse, Kids, Office Staff and Students...)
Home: Find out what your child or spouse are doing on the PC in your absence.
Corporate: Find out employee’s PC and Internet activities during Office hours.
School and Colleges: Find out students PC activities during the academic hours.

Keyboard activities monitoring
Keylogger Software for Windows Keylogger Software for Windows Keylogger Software for Apple Mac Keylogger Software for Apple Mac

Keylogger Software (PC Data Manager-Basic) Just $45

Do you want to know what your Kids, Spouses, Employees are doing behind your back, Are they misusing internet for activities which they are not supposed to do. No need to worry! Use KeyLogger software to keep track of all keystroke details without being detected by the user being monitored.Easily capture typed texts including username, passwords, documents, emails composed, online chats (Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gmail), website visited and other similar keyboard typing activities.

Keylogger for Windows

Invisible Key logger Software runs silently in background and remains completely invisible from external user using your PC. With the key logger, you can easily detect keystroke activity details that took place in your absence at affordable price. One of the major factor responsible for software success is password protected functionality to restrict any external user from making any changes in the system configuration settings.

Easy to designed PC monitoring utility supports all major Windows OS versions including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2008, 2003, 2000 etc. Download 30 days free trial of Keylogger and evaluate the keystroke monitoring features and working of the software.

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Advance Keylogger Software (PC Data Manager-Advance) Just $49

Advance Keylogger Software is designed for total monitoring of your PC. Works in stealth mode, the software completely satisfies your PC monitoring and surveillance needs. Computer tracking program is capable to work in hidden mode and cannot be located in Start menu, Add/remove programs, Installation folder and even no shortcut icon on Desktop. Utility runs in stealth mode and not even skilled computer professionals would find it running. Powerful and Professional PC activity monitoring tool can be used by both Home and Corporate users to expose the truth.

Keylogger for Windows

Software not only record keystroke details but also captures Windows screenshots, Clipboard activities, Voice Chat conversations, Application accessed and other possible activities on your PC. Easily records all activities in log file with option to receive logs either by emails or FTP settings as per defined by the user.

Need a simple and efficient solution for professional PC monitoring. Want to know what your friends or co-workers are using your computer or maybe you would like to check up on your children or spouse and know what they are doing when you are away? Download 30 days free trial of Advance Keylogger and explore the software features and functionality.

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MAC Log Manager (Keylogger software for Mac OS X) Just $45

Professional and simple to keylogger for mac os x provides perfect method to monitor Computer activities of your Kids, Spouse and Employees in complete surveillance mode.

Keylogger monitoring software for mac machines is easy to use system and internet monitoring utility which records Keystrokes details, Clipboard content, Application open and close, USB media insertion/removable activities, Internet activities and captures Screenshots (including Skype video screenshots) at regular interval of time on the Mac computer system.

Keylogger for Mac

DRPU Mac osx keylogger is capable to run in hidden mode and allows you to secretly record what other users are performing on Apple Macintosh machines in your absence. This safe and secure spyware for mac provides facility to set password so that unauthorized user can not access the mac keylogger software settings. Highly user interactive mac os x keylogger application generates the report of log in HTML file format so that you can view overall computer activities of the external user.

Download and evaluate free keylogger for mac software with 30 days free trial evaluation. Place order to get full featured licensed version of keylogger osx mac monitoring software at cost-effective price.

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by the way – this PC data manager rescued our partnership and we are going to marry soon, thanks really very much!!!! All the best 4 U !!

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I have been using your software on my PC for the last few months and have loved it and it has been working really well.

Thank you


Thank you very, very much for the respond.

It worked out perfectly for me.



Thank you for the great support. You guys are the best.



Thank you very much, it worked.

I must admit, you are one of the best customer supports i've ever dealed with.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Yehia Elsobky



I would like to thank you for the quality of your keylogger software; which is excellent !

Thanks a lot,

Waly G.


Software Comparison Chart (Which key logger software is best for me)

This chart explains the major difference between Keylogger Software and Advance Keylogger Software

Monitoring Features Keylogger Software Advance Keylogger Software
Records typed Keystrokes
(Passwords, characters, symbols etc...)
Yes Yes
Typed Online Chat details
(Gmail, Yahoo messenger, AOL etc…)
Yes Yes
Voice Chat Conversations No Yes
Composed Emails
(Yahoomail, Rediffmail, Gmail etc…)
Yes Yes
Records Visited Websites
(Typed Web urls)
Yes Yes
Records typed Documents
(Word files, ppt, excel files etc…)
Yes Yes
Records Clipboard entries
(copy-paste activities)
No Yes
Capture Screenshots
(View slideshow of snapshots)
No Yes
Records System logins
(monitor windows user login activity)
No Yes
Records System Sounds No Yes
Security Features    
Password Protected
(User login feature)
Yes Yes
Runs in Hidden mode Yes Yes
Completely Undetectable
(Add/remove list, Installation files and folders, System Startup etc…)
Yes Yes
Hot keys and Run command settings
(to access invisible software)
Yes Yes
Reporting Features    
Prepare Log report
(Report in Text or Html file formats)
Yes Yes
View Backup of Records No Yes
Email log details
(send log details at defied email ID)
Yes Yes
FTP settings
(Upload text log file using FTP server)
No Yes
Minimum System Requirements    
Processor- Pentium class or higher Yes Yes
RAM- 512 MB RAM (recommended) Yes Yes
Memory Space- 20 MB Free HDD Yes Yes
Windows OS supported
(Windows XP, 7, Vista, Server 2008, 2003 etc…)
Yes Yes
Downloading and Purchase details    
30 Days FREE trial Yes Yes
24/7 technical support Yes Yes
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